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Capo Creek Winery

Cāpo: device used on the neck of a guitar to shorten the strings and raise the pitch

keep checking throughout the year for additional events

HARVEST EVENT 2021   Grab the weekend package for the most fun and value!  This year's theme:  SCHITT'S CREEK @ CAPO CREEK!


Combination Weekend Package for all events - SOLD OUT 

Grape Pick and Champagne Breakfast at Dawn - SOLD OUT

Friday Night/Sat Morn Sept 10-11 
Come pick grapes with us Friday night (reception at the winery is from 5-7pm to get intructions on overnight grape pick), followed by a scrumptious champagne breakfast at dawn.  We let everyone help with hands on grape processing for a few hours before going home to nap before the big Saturday night harvest dinner.

Harvest Dinner Party 

Saturday Night 5-9pm
Join us for our annual Harvest Dinner Party where the food and wine are always over the top and the good times just keep on rolling.  This year's theme is Schitt's Creek!  Dress up is not mandatory, but you will miss out on some nice prizes.
$250 per person 
Please no pets or minors allowed on property

Tickets are transferrable but not refundable


Wine glass full of ripe red Syrah grapes on the crush pad at harvest