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Capo Creek Winery

Cāpo: device used on the neck of a guitar to shorten the strings and raise the pitch

Greetings to all our Cellar Brats!

It's time for our latest Capo Creek update, and we've got some exciting news to share. First and foremost, please keep an eye out for the Spring Wine Club selection email which will be coming to your inbox in the next few days. This is where you get to customize your wine selections prior to shipping (AND MAKE SURE YOUR BILLING ADDRESS AND CREDIT CARD ARE CORRECT). We have some fun new releases, including first-time solo bottlings of Petit Sirah (featuring a cool label inspired by Willie Nelson's guitar, Trigger) and Clairette Blanc (a stunning white wine currently available to Club 12 members only). Speaking of which, if you're interested in upgrading to Cellar Brat 12, now is the time to do it - you'll get first access to small batch new releases and library wines. You also get free Tastes of the Day for four guests, and deep discounts on the Ultimate food/wine pairings and Events.

We've reached a huge milestone at Capo Creek - last month, we bottled our 10,000th case of wine! To celebrate, we're offering our Cabernet magnums at a special price of $250 plus free shipping (now through May 1). This beautiful bottle of wine makes a great gift, packaged in a wooden keepsake crate with the Capo Creek logo, and the top can even be used as a cheese board. But the best part? You don't need a fancy wine cellar to enjoy this wine. Buy a bottle and bring it out for your next gathering, whether it's a holiday meal or a casual get together with friends. It's guaranteed to impress with its bold, rich flavor and smooth finish. So don't wait - take advantage of this limited time offer and treat yourself to a truly special bottle of wine.

Speaking of nice gifts, we have elevated our chocolate program with long awaited new packaging. Our handcrafted chocolates are now available for purchase in 8 piece and 24 piece sizes, with our Easter/Spring selection launching next week. The Mother's Day collection will follow close behind!

Unfortunately, the supply chain has also been causing some headaches with barrels, bottles, and packaging materials. The upside was that it was our opportunity to become more eco-friendly (can you say global warming?). But as usual, there are always glitches such as difficulty fitting chocolate boxes in the eco-friendly wine shipping boxes (the good news is the chocolate bars still fit). Another example is the slight green tint on the recycled glass used for the 2022 Rose' bottles. Don't worry though - it still looks gorgeous in the glass, and Mary believes that the 2022 vintage is our best one yet. Hopefully we can find a "clear" recycled glass bottle for next time.

Finally, mark your calendars for our upcoming events, including the Solstice Winemaker Dinner at Mary & Bob's Chateau Double Wide on June 21, and Harvest Weekend on September 8-9 (with a White Lotus theme). If you don't know what White Lotus is, get out from under your rock! We're also hoping to have a cave concert in July, so stay tuned for more details.

We're all healthy and wise (though not wealthy!), and Bob is still working full time in Chicago. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (and help our algorithm by saving and sharing posts with your friends) - every little bit helps! We miss you all and can't wait for you to come and visit this beautiful place. Don't forget we do private parties!

Cheers from Mary, Bob, Nadine, and Peg!